Tour Dates

The greatest way to see a country is by bike, and I’ve been lucky to see much of Europe that way.


Year Location Comments
1995 NW Scottish Coast First tour
1998 SW Eire and Derry Tandem (Galaxy Twin)
1999 Across the Pyrenees – Barcelona to Toulouse (and back) Tandem
2000 Tuscany & Umbria (Italy) Tandem
2002 Netherlands Tandem
2003 Iceland (NE and NW) Mountain bike on “road”
2004 St. Malo to Toulouse Tandem
2005 UK ‘Industrial Heartlands’ Solo tourer (Galaxy)
2008 Northern Spain Tandem
2009 Return to Eire Solo tourer
2010 Dales Cycleway (UK) Solo tourer
2011 Coast to Coast (Whitehaven to Saltburn by the Sea) Solo tourer
2012 Coast & Castles – Newcastle to Edinburgh Solo tourer
2013 Mid Wales Recumbent Trike (HPV Scorpion 20fs)
2014 Dales Cycleway Plus (UK)

Pennine Cycleway (NCN68 – UK)

Recumbent High Racer

Recumbent High Racer

2015 Norway Fjords – Bergen to Måloy Recumbent High Racer
2016 Outer Hebrides – End to End Recumbent High Racer
2017 France Coast-to-Coast – Canal des-deux-mers Solo tourer with Weehoo tag-along
2018 Wales C2C Solo tourer upgraded with Crazy Bars


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