Solar PV panel cleaning

ImageMy good friend Chris has been comparing his PV effeciency to my own, and announced “you really should clean your panels, I have the kit and am happy to help.”  Help is something of an understatement, as you can see from the picture Chris did did all the hard work at height.  All I did was hand up his ‘mother of all brushes.’

Facebook floatation – end of the start or the start of the end?

You cannot help but think that the floating of Facebook shows that it will soon pass into a declining phase in it’s life. From here on it has to make money from the market. And how will it make money – by reaping and selling personal data to a greater and greater extent. People will not like that – I don’t which is one reason I am looking to migrate to this blog.

So with that in mind it is time for me to try and pull all aspects of my on-line presence into one place. One step towards this is to link to my Solar Photovoltaic on-line data. I wrote a mathamatical model to predict our electrical generation potential on a month by month basis – go to and see how you think my model is working.