Facebook floatation – end of the start or the start of the end?

You cannot help but think that the floating of Facebook shows that it will soon pass into a declining phase in it’s life. From here on it has to make money from the market. And how will it make money – by reaping and selling personal data to a greater and greater extent. People will not like that – I don’t which is one reason I am looking to migrate to this blog.

So with that in mind it is time for me to try and pull all aspects of my on-line presence into one place. One step towards this is to link to my Solar Photovoltaic on-line data. I wrote a mathamatical model to predict our electrical generation potential on a month by month basis – go to http://www.editgrid.com/user/weston.front/PV_Monthly_Data_Year_2_-_11-12 and see how you think my model is working.