Cycling straplines / quotations

I’m prompted to post this to spread the joy. Just today on the Bentrider forum I read the following from a recumbent rider who has just moved to the UK:

In the UK now, we don’t Cycle on the left of the Road, we Cycle on what’s left of the Road . . .

It made me smile, as does the more commonly used

Work to live; Live to ride; Ride to work.

Somehow I imagine that my current FTSE100 employer would not take kindly to be adding that to the bottom of all my emails?!?

Does chocolate make you clever?

For a great magazine piece from the BBC News website today click here.  So it’s a lot of fun to read, and for any women in my audience who rush off for a bar of Dairy Milk before getting to the bottom of the article, beware.  Actually the main point is to show something we should all be aware of in an age of the news that is often telling us that… ‘A recent survey has shown…’ …all manor of odd conclusions.  The link between chocolate consumption and intelligence in this case is an example of the correlation of two effects of a common cause.  This is certainly an article I want to keep to show to some of my less  scientifically gifted colleagues who loudly announce they have discovered something wholly unlikely.

Also fabulous to hear Robert Grubbs (of catalysis fame, my old field) quoted in the regular media.

Mars – a healthy snack?

Never mind the Curiosity rover, the real Mars news today is that the firm has written to a Scottish chip shop explaining that deep frying their product is not condoned by them because it is not in line with their healthy image.  So let’s understand this a little more – the virgin product is 60 % sugar and 17 % fat, and they suggest that the addition of a little flour and vegetable oil significantly impacts it’s health giving properties?!?  Eat one every day and sure it will shorten your life expectancy, but I wonder how much more life you would lose if each one was deep fried? And even then, would the ‘healthy’ option enable you to live longer or might it just feel that way?