Use both your head and your heart to prompt your charitable giving this Christmas

…that is the message in a recent article inspired by Georgie Fienberg of AfriKids.  Her point is a good one – when you give to charity what really is your motivation? (a) To help others or (b) To salve your own conscience?  If you are honest, you know it should be ‘a’ rather than ‘b’ – and if that is the case, as Georgie argues you should want to be sure where you money is going and if the projects it supports sustainably help the community they are designed to serve.  I am lucky, my Christian walk has brought be in direct contact with community development work across the developing world.  The organisations I give to are ones I have had the chance to see first hand and sometimes even work for.  You may not be that fortunate, you may have to do more homework to make sure where you give is really helping in the way you wanted it to – in partnership with the local community and in a sustainable manner.