Recording memories

This time of house arrest gives one a lot of time, and sometimes I’ve been able to put it to good use doing things I should have got around to many weeks / months or even years ago.  One of these way to make good my lack of photographs of our wonderful moggie and faithful companion, Henry.  And what did Time Berners-Lee invent the internet for if it was not for the sharing of cat photo’s?

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Quote of the day – a role model for later life

Todays quote comes from Prof. David Spiegelhalter “But I remain inspired by our cat. He hasn’t exactly been lavished with affection, and has never even had a proper name, just being called Mr Cat by default. But he’s kept plodding on, year after year, expressing his feelings by jamming his claws into delicate parts of my body. He fears no dog.

A perfect role model. So when I, too, am old, deaf and a bit daft, I shall follow his example by sitting outside the house, alternating between shouting at passers-by and pretending to be dead. I’ve got the bench set up already.”