Overspecified but not Overheated – Hilleberg Rogen in a Heatwave

Whilst it is true that many countries see summer temperatures well in excess of that seen this July in the UK – having night time temperatures above 22 C here in Lancashire was less than fun*. Daytime temperatures of 33-34 C turned the walls of our house into a massive storage radiator too. One benefit of being a keen backpacker / wild walker is that I have a couple of tents I can opt to liberate from our hobbies cupboard. Since it has two doors and is new to me I opted to pitch my Hilleberg Rogen and sleep in the garden.

The big benefit with the Rogen is the both side of both doors / porches can be rolled back. With the mesh doors you can get then get a through draught to help to keep you cool

I bought my Rogen second hand and it came also with a ‘pole holder’ kit which allows to pitch the inner tent alone. However it was too hot to pitch, detach, then re-pitch the tent. I can see now why folks in the US prefer inner pitch tents for nights like this. However since I normally wild walk on the fells I am very happy to have an outer pitch / all in one design for most circumstances.

Of course, had I been more versatile I could have just slept under the hedge!

*We have two challenges with high temperatures in the UK.

  1. Our weather is very variable so our bodies never get time to adjust to large swings in temperature.  This variability (along with the very British desire never to talk discuss our feelings) is why the weather is a common topic of conversation.
  2. Our built environment has not been designed for relative ‘extremes’ of temperature.