About me

Hi, I’m Will. Whilst I would not want to be defined by my work, it has been a major thread through my life.  Starting as a bench chemist, I progressed to problem solving, then to material science and then to flying a desk.  I missed being hands on with the production process so I made the move to becoming a brewer.  I love the brewing process, being hands on with production and the science and creativity of beer making. I believe I’ve finally found my true vocation.  All through this time I’ve loved being outdoors, cycling, walking and now multi-day walks facilitated by some wild camping.  When you distil this you find the essential oils which make up my character.  I’m a Christian, a Father, a Techy, a Flavoursmith and someone who recharges their batteries by spending time on the open fell-side or playing drums.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. God bless you will and your family, enjoyed your riding adventures with you metabike, look forward to your next blog with anticipation.

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