About me

I love journeys and I love being outdoors. My love for walking stems from my time in the Scouts as a teenager. I climbed my first Munro at eighteen and have been seeking to make up for lost time ever since. During the nineties and noughties I enjoyed a chapter of cycle touring, (latterly on a recumbent) but more recently I’ve returned to my first love of time in the fells and on dramatic coasts. Moving to Lancashire put the Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland on our doorstep and the Lake District just 60-90 min away. Inspired by Alastair Humphries’ idea of the micro-adventure I started ‘wild walking’ – a multi-day walk whose remote route is facilitated wild camping – in 2017. Funding all this fun started by 18 years in the chemical industry but once that morphed into flying a desk it lost its sparkle. I lost my mental equilibrium for a while and when I re-emerged from the other side of this I made the transition back the more practical pursuit of brewing real ale. Today I am in the blessed position of being one of the countries only freelance locum brewers. Working at the 400-800 L scale in brew pubs works really well for me as it involves much more frequent thinking and recipe design than is open to most shop floor brewers. If you want to know more my brewing, head over to my Hop Doctor site. So that’s me, Christian, husband, father, hill walker, ex cycle tourer, drummer, photographer and brewer.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. God bless you will and your family, enjoyed your riding adventures with you metabike, look forward to your next blog with anticipation.

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