A night at the hill station

During colonial times, Brits who found the hot climate of Asia too much built ‘Hill Stations’, places which could be retired to for recreation at temperatures much more like the cooler homeland that folks left behind.  Last weekend was warm, so Junior and I headed to the top of Pendle for the night.  Earlier this year was his first unaided ascent of this local landmark hill and I promised that if he climbed it again without dawdle or complaint that after this we could camp on the top.  Junior can be an unusually good lad, as happy to be bribed with adventure as chocolate cake.

We headed up from the Clitheroe side via the steepest ascent (his choice) and found the plateau to be unusually windless and still 22 Celsius at six o’clock.  With shelter from the prevailing wind direction provided by the Scout Monument (which we were glad of by the morning) we enjoyed dinner, hot chocolate and biscuits.

In the morning he hurtled down to enable me to get to my drumming engagement at church on time.  Impressive for five and three quarters I reckon.  A great boys night indeed.


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