Searching for Slartibartfasts Signature – A seven day cycle tour of the Norwegian Fjords

Day 1  – Bergen to Nr. Manger – 35 miles

A long long time ago, in a sixth form college far far away a friend of mine introduced me the writing of Douglas Adams. Those familiar with the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (five book) trilogy will know of Slartibartfast. In the story he was part of the team that designed the Earth. Utter fantasy I know, but fun and part of some very thought provoking writing none-the-less. Since I read Slartibartfast’s description of his design for Norway I’ve wanted to go and see the Fjords. This has been a dream over 20 years in the making, in part due to the ultra high cost of almost everything in Norway – two years ago we started planning to make this possible and what better way to see a country but from a bike. To make it affordable we opted to camp along the way. In hindsight however, for anyone that follows after us, we might also have rented a cabin at any of the campsites we stayed at. These cost between £35-65 per night and for this you got four beds. Even for just a couple this would have been OK and provided cooking facilities – another big aid to the budget conscious by avoiding eye watering restaurant / café prices.

Route Day 1

Our tour started in Bergen, Noway’s second city and headed North along the coast. The city roads were busy but cycle routes plentiful and where they were absent the drivers the most courteous I known anywhere in the world. The morning was wet, something which turned out the true of all but two mornings of the tour – but we were both physically and mentally prepared for this. It was the West Coast after all. After we cleared the city we crossed a number of rivers and sounds.

IMG_6884 The rain stopped shortly after lunch and we were able to enjoy quiet roads through rolling countryside.

IMG_6894We peddled through bucolic countryside serenaded by the sounds of bells hanging from the necks of all the grazing sheep and ended our day in the Vagenes campsite five miles outside of the small town of Manger. Our plot overlooked an island studded sea and was very conducive to a good nights sleep….

IMG_6891Continue to Day 2…

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