The Music of Friendship


I love music, many styles as long as they are melodic and stir the soul. I was returning some CD’s to a friend and it made me realise just how many of the bands I like and have within my CD collection are ones I have been introduced to by friends. When I thought about it, whilst I have ‘discovered’ bands via other routes by far the majority have come from introductions from friends. This means now not only do I love the music and it may bring back memories of a gig, it can also bring back memories of the person and the occasion when I was first heard their music.

Take the favourite band of my teenage years, Status Quo, whilst they had some singles in the charts in the mid 80’s it was my woodwork teacher, Jim Boyd who lent me his vinyl back catalogue for me to listen to and copy to tape. What a great teacher – I won the schools prize for woodwork and took away with me a love for music which should really have been 10 years before my time – I continue to love the music of the mid 70’s.

Getting into Queen from this period was thanks to my college buddy Jon who I used to visit regularly and listen to his music as a group of us tackled ever more complex and geeky board games. I first heard AC DC with Jon too.  He’s still in geek in a black T-shirt, heavy metal remains only on the edge of the fringe of what I now enjoy.

Move on a few years to my time at University. I spend many really mellow evenings with the guy who was to become one of my closest friends and best man. Goodness only knows where he got his musical inspiration from – it was (and is) eclectic to say the least. He introduced me to lots of artists new to me, not all of them stuck, but many did – ELO, The Saw Doctors, Mary Black, Nancy Griffith and Donald Fagen. Our tea cupboard has a greater variety within it thanks to Richard too.

More on a few years again and my flatmate Tony, now a man of the cloth, introduced me to Deep Purple. What a find, what a drummer – whose patterns I copy to this day (I wonder if the church family realises where they’ve come from?). A new friend, Chris, is the person who lent me Made in Japan which was new to me and prompted me to think about this link between friends and music in the first place. I’ve never much been into live albums, but this is reputed to be the best of all time – I have no reason to disagree with this, thanks to Chris I bought my own copy.

This introduction to new delights does not stop though – just a couple of years ago a work colleague invited Mrs W and myself to a gig to see / hear ‘Show of Hands’ – Another fine find – folk music for the modern age. If you haven’t heard their song AIG, go onto YouTube or Grooveshark and look it up.

Whilst it may be true that I have come to love some bands through what I have heard on the radio, it’s interesting to me that most of my music has come to be through friends and has enriched my life still more than their friendship.

Thanks guys!

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