Life behind a Metabike

Yesterdays picture showed the trailer hitch fitted to the back of the Metabike.  After a quick test ride in the dark and rain last night (true commitment) this afternoon Junior went out for his second bike ride.  Last Sunday behind the trike & today behind the more efficient Metabike.  It was cold and crisp, with the sun shining down on Lancashire as we headed out on our ride.  Stopping for tea after 9 miles I was delighted to be offered a whole menu of teas – what a refreshing change.  Warmed and re-hydrated we headed back into the countryside for another loop and then headed back home.  Am thinking about keeping a list for Junior entitled ‘great places I have slept through’  today’s ride around Whalley would be one of them.

Junior was happy enough to not notice he was 45 min late for his feed – praise indeed for the quality of the ride in his trailer.  And as for the Metabike – well I knew I was towing 17 kg, but it was way easier that using the trike.  The route was not so different, so I put the increase of 2.4 mph in average speed, over twice the distance down to the greater mechanical efficiency.  We were so lucky to get such a great day, free of rain, free of ice, in early January.  Good news as whilst 19 miles went fairly quickly, if we are to tackle the hills of the Yorkshire Dales in May my training will need to be effective over the coming months.

Sadly I was not able to take any pictures at the time, as it was past his nibs dinner time when we got home, & milk took precedence over photographs.

Addendum : Photo now available here.

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