Junior’s first bike (trailer) ride


ImageWhat could be better on a blustery 5th January than to go out for your first bike ride?  The wind was strong but other than this the climate was very mild for the UK at this time of year.  As you can see, Nathan takes after his dad in the delight he gets from being out on a human powered vehicle.  We just took a short spin of 8 miles around the local villages and kept the speed low going down hill at Mrs W’s insistence.  With 7 kg of child and 11 kg of trailer, gentle speeds were inevitable on the uphill sections.

We stopped a few times around to see how he was liking the experience and he seemed very happy with this new mode of transport.  With the front screen down on the trailer I doubt he really realised he was being pulled rather than pushed.  I wonder if he knew he was going 8-16 mph rather than the normal 3 mph?  For this first trip I used the trike as the tow vehicle.  It’s stability makes such things so hassle free.  If the mild weather continues I’ll need to fit out second hitch to the Metabike and see how this feels with a trailer behind it.  More technical I suspect, but rather less effort.  Let’s hope so as we have two short (4 day) family cycle tours planned for May/June.



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