Metabike test ride


Monday saw me take the Metabike out of the road for only the second time.  It’s efficiency made it excellent for hill climbing.  1550 feet height gain over 27 mile route.  My inexperience at balancing a high racer led me to get off and walk on a couple of climbs – but that was mostly nerves.  The Metabike is the first time I’ve ridden a two wheeler clipped in.  I am amazed that I was able to do this route less than a week and only ca. four hours riding experience into getting the bike.  Having mastered all that, why is it I find it so hard to relax my shoulders though?  I came back with legs, ‘seat’ and wrists all without any strain or discomfort but stiff shoulders.  The ride is a little harsh, but only on a par with a Al framed standard tourer – this was pleasing.  Will I be able to stretch from 27 miles to 2 x 40 mile days next weekend… Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Metabike test ride

    • Such is the wonder of recumbents – it feels like you’ve done more decent that ascent! That and the shortcoming of my routing software which does not cope well with routine in and out over the same path, so I stopped the route at the bottom of the small hill that was the common part of the route.

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