The McLab burger – a solution to the wrong problem.

So today we learn that we are now able to synthesize enough muscle fibre in the lab to make a beef burger.  A great advance?  Probably, but the right answer to the wrong question surely.  The population of the world is growing and increased wealth and aspiration in places such as China means more people are eating more meat.  Read the press reports and you find instead the real issue, as highlighted by Prof Tara Garnett, the true issue is not population growth or land use it is inequality.  Whilst we have one billion people going to bed hungry each day, we have 1.4 billion people who are obese.  The problem is not a technological one, it is a social  / political one.  Food needs to be more fairly distributed.   I cannot give you a ready answer to this question, but this is the question that should be being addressed.  I am reminded again of the Reith Lectures in 2010 by Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society.  We have the technological means to resolve the  key issues facing our planet – famine, disease, water, food availability and climate change – the challenge is gaining the political momentum to implement them.  Our challenge with food is fair distribution, not new ways to make tasteless processed protein.  If we wanted that, ICI and RHM  brought Quorn to the market in 1985.

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