Too hot to trike

ImageWe made ourselves a promise that when there was a good weather forecast for the whole weekend that I’d cycle to York (my Alma Mater) and Mrs W follow along in the van for the overnight stop.  The UK is experiencing a prolonged period of high pressure this July, so the time seemed ripe.   What I didn’t reckon upon was just how hot and intense the sun would be.  Day one took me through the Yorkshire Dales and involved a good amount of height gain.  The morning went very well, with lunch in the attractively named Appletreewick.  I think it was Greenhow Hill (ca. 405 metres) just before Pateley Bridge that did the damage.  As careful as I was with taking in liquid (around 750 ml / hour) I think it was heat stroke that led to the next 5 miles seeming much less than pleasant and very hard work.  In retrospect I should not have ditched my helmet at lunchtime and kept it on to keep the sun off my head.  I like to forget that I am not so well insulated up there as I once was!

 The day ended just 6 miles shy of Boroughbridge in a pleasant campsite – but I only started to feel human again after spending five minutes stood under a cold shower.  Suffice it to say that, after 56 miles and some big hills I slept well that night.  Sunday was just as glorious but now I was in the Vale of York.  Flat with many trees shading the road.  That and a 0820 start really helped to start the day well.  By 1100 I was in the shade of York’s Mothercare store awaiting Mrs W to look at baby gismo’s for Junior.  Now he has some emergency bottles in case the natural approach should falter or fail.  Though whether the local NHS would ever speak to you or treat you again if you didn’t breast feed I do wonder from their many posters and militant approach.  But back to the ride.  Whilst the scenery of the Vale of York is only gentle in comparison to the Dales, I did enjoy it.  The trike was in it’s element on the flat, and I even spent five minutes keeping up with a road bike peloton as they asking my many questions about my steed.  How pleasant to be in Yorkshire where everyone is so down to earth.  As nice a country as Lancashire, well almost anyway…

1 thought on “Too hot to trike

  1. Update :: The UV intensity of the sunshine was higher of the weekend of the 6-7th than any day yet seen in 2013 or in 2012. Our PV data confirms it – record output of 15 kWhr per day, around twice our daily demand at this time of year.

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