White or wait?

That is the question on my mind this week.  Of all the major questions in life, I guess this falls a long way down the list however!  The question concerns what I hope to be my new bike.



I spent a very enjoyable day with David at Laid Back Bikes a couple of weeks back, test riding three different high-racers (recumbent bikes with two wheels of 26″ or above).  Two things came out of that day – (i) a great sense of satisfaction of being able to ride a challenging two wheel recumbent reasonably well within four hours and (ii) the decision that a Metaphrastic is the bike most suited to my application.  That being pukka week long cycle touring on something I can transport in a bike bag in an aircraft to non-UK touring destinations.  Metabikes offer three standard colours – Matt black, gloss blue (both of which I am certain I don’t like for different reasons) and also gloss white.  A new option is to have a bespoke colour, but that is only due to be possible in 12-18 weeks time.  A white frame could be shipped over to Laid-Back and built up within the month.  So that leaves the question –  white or wait?


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Random thoughts on life and the world from the perpective of a God-fearing, outdoor-loving, technically minded, drum-thumping neo-Lancastrian.
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One Response to White or wait?

  1. westonfront says:

    And the answer is… …white! Should be ready in six weeks. I’m looking forward to mastering this – learning to ride all over again (any references to a second childhood would sadly be absolutely valid)

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