Walking the Isle of Man coast path – a hidden gem

Beach on the IoM

Glorious weather all week.

Last week we enjoyed glorious sunny weather out of the Isle of Man.  After a day relaxing with a friend we set off on a five day walk between B&B’s on the coast of the Island.  We started from Ramsey on the East coast, and immediately headed inland – because on day one we followed the ‘Millenium Way’ to the outskirts of Douglas.  That stretch of coast ‘path’ is in fact more that 50% on tarmac.  No fun if you are carrying a pack, albeit only a 50L pack.  It was great to see the hilly interior, and I could hardly beleive that on an official long distance path….  ….we did not see a single soul all day, until we ordered a beer from the girl behind the bar in Crosby at the end of the day!

The above picture is to whet your appetite – the others are on Flikr. 

It was a great walk, and whilst much on the island is rather expensive, both beer and B&B’s cost the same or slightly less than on the mainland.


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