Each day I cycle into work.  It’s bad enough that our local roads are in such a poor state, but I understand that ‘times are hard’ and there is too little public money to meet all our community needs but….  If you are going to repair the road, surely in a time of austerity it should be done in a cost effective manner?

What follows is my e-comment to Lancashire Country Council – let’s see what they have to say for themselves!

I am writing to complain about the standard of pot hole repair carried out during the last month in <our local town>. The quality of the repairs are so poor they are unlikely to last even six months. Such an approach is a simple waste of local community taxes as the repair will need to be replaced annually for the foreseeable future. To made a poor quality repair several times rather than a to repair to a good standard just once is clearly poor practice and offers poor value of money to local tax payers.

I would like to suggest that you define a standard of repair, to apply both to your own staff and to utility companies who dig up and make good the local roads. It is clear that either (i) you do not have such a standard or (ii) if you do then the standard is either grossly inadequate or poorly policed.

I await your reply with interest

5 thoughts on “Potholes

  1. Good initiative, Will. Keep us posted on this one. Perhaps a database with local potholes kept over 6 months and relayed back the Council would be useful.

  2. ‘One Connect’ Ltd replied to me on behalf of LCC asking for more details. Give them their due, they did get back promptly. I sent back details of three streets which show examples of shoddy repairs today and await their feedback with interest…

  3. The auto reply back from ‘One Connect’ informs me that if I want an update on the query I asked them, then I have to take the initiative to asking them for it at some point after 10 days have been allowed to lapse. Customer service (no), method to actively discourage interaction and feedback (ohhh yes).

  4. Despite the lack of promise in their auto reply, One Connect have got back in contact. Apparently the roads in question are not on their priority list, thus got a “quick manual patch” – someone is to inspect the quality and get back to me – or so I am told. It is interesting to note that the policy of ‘quick patching’ they mention is wholly at odds with the statement in the recent Lancs CC “Vision” magazine which says “we now provide permenent repairs on the first visit whenever we can.” Sounds promissing doesn’t it – but it turns out to be all marketting and spin. I am honest with my council, why cannot they be honest with me?

  5. No doubt, Will, as soon as somebody’s car is damaged or someone injured they will be encouraged to perform a more robust and pleasing repair! It rings true that they clearly have “….a hole in their bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza!”

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