Might this (Jump) Stop my chain coming off the granny ring?


My wife claims to be in the innocent party – but she too often suffers her chain dropping off the inside of he granny ring.  For my part, I’m 100% sure that the end stop on the changer is set as far to the right as will allow it to change down, but even like this, it can still come off.  And once it does, boy is it difficult to get it out of the gap and back onto the chainwheel. My job of course. I stumbled over a suggestion on someone elses blog – right now I forget where – singing the praises of  chain watchers.  Little widgets that are designed to stop the chain overshifting.  So I turned to the oracle of all things bicycle, the late, great Sheldon Brown and his website.  Sure enough he had advise to offer – he suggested for a simple round downtube, the N-Gear Jump Stop. The N stands for Nick it seems, and I dropped him an email – what a super and helpful chap.  If the performance of the widget matches his customer service it should be superb.  So now it’s fitted, let’s see if this does the trick – I’ll post a review once we’ve been up a few hills together and see if it means I can return at the end of a ride with clean fingers once again.


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