Finally, some snow…


And finally the snow arrived here in Lancashire.  Only about 30 mm, but enough to pack down to something slippery on the residential streets around us.  Finally a chance to test out the performance of my Schwalbe Winter Tyres.  The journey to and from work was uneventful as the treated road surfaces had turned to slush – but when work was over, it was time to have some fun.  On the untreated roads near us the traffic of the day had produced good sections of compacted snow.  What everyone else was no doubt cursing was a playground for me.  Forget plastic surgery and anti-aging cream – try a recumbent trike, spiked tyres and some snow and that knocks 30 years off your attitude in a moment!

I can report the tyres to be a great success.  If you ride sensibly they give excellent traction and good control of steering and braking.  Never mind that though…  …pedal really hard and throw it into a corner and it’s like being a skilled driver behind the wheels of a rally car.  Drifting out on the bends and biting in the snow at the last minutes to get you around.  Wheel-spinning up hills only to pick up speed again on the flat.  Pure unadulterated fun, and tomorrow morning I’ll be sporting a recumbent grin again as I take my practical and environmentally benign mode of transport to get me into work.  Why be a frustrated commuter, when you can smile all the way on a recumbent fitted with winter tyres.

3 thoughts on “Finally, some snow…

  1. What kind of trike do you have? I bought a Terratrike about four years ago and haven’t ridden a two-wheel since. In my opinion, there’s no better way to get to and from work.

    • I have an HPV Scorpion 20fs – see this – , which I too use for commuting each day. I agree it is a great commuting machine unless you have to go a very long way or are on very busy city roads. I just have to pedal across a small town and it’s great. I find drivers much more courteous and find riding recumbent just plain fun every time (even after 5 months / 600 miles). Which Terratrike do you ride?

  2. That Scorpion is very cool. My Terratrike is an older Cruiser (I don’t even think they make the model anymore) with a 26″ wheel extension. I’ve got it loaded down pretty good with racks and paniers for my books and work clothes. I also have a BOB trailer for pulling extra gear (for camping, groceries, etc). When people ask me about them, I aim them to the Terratrike HQ, which happens to be about 1/4 mile from where I used to live, and tell them to take one for a test ride. I also warn them that if they do take one for a test ride they’re going to want one. That’s what happened to me — found recumbent trikes on the internet when researching green transportation, found Terratrike down the road, went for a test ride, bought two immediately (one for me and one for my wife). It was the best impulse purchase I ever made. Everyone should be riding these things!

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