Does chocolate make you clever?

For a great magazine piece from the BBC News website today click here.  So it’s a lot of fun to read, and for any women in my audience who rush off for a bar of Dairy Milk before getting to the bottom of the article, beware.  Actually the main point is to show something we should all be aware of in an age of the news that is often telling us that… ‘A recent survey has shown…’ …all manor of odd conclusions.  The link between chocolate consumption and intelligence in this case is an example of the correlation of two effects of a common cause.  This is certainly an article I want to keep to show to some of my less  scientifically gifted colleagues who loudly announce they have discovered something wholly unlikely.

Also fabulous to hear Robert Grubbs (of catalysis fame, my old field) quoted in the regular media.

1 thought on “Does chocolate make you clever?

  1. the answer is clear, Will. It’s not eating chocolate that makes you clever, but being clever makes you eat more chocolate. That’s why I eat such a lot!

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