Happy despite the rain – sporting a recumbent grin.

Well, here in Lancashire we are in the middle of the wet-season (June to March) and despite this I find my recumbent grin is not being washed away by the rainfall. When I left work tonight it was dark and raining – not normally an attractive prospect for a cycle commute home. However, the joy and novely of recumbent riding has not wained! I enjoyed my ride home, as I have done each day, both in and out over the past six weeks. Sometimes I ponder that it would be nice to have a two seater soft-top car, but then the reality dawns that I rarely drive anywhere so I could not really enjoy such a toy. The recumbent trike, however, is used twice a day each week day and at least once at the weekends too. Swift to accelerate, low to the ground and open to the elements – all the joys of an MX-5 but on a daily basis and with a very respectible carbon footprint.

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