First impressions of a recumbent trike

Fun, fun fun!  I would liken it to be the stoker on a tandem (I’d done 1000’s miles around Europe in this position).  I say this because it is relaxed and you can gaze around you not having to worry about balance, or steering (as seems to be a natural phenomenon) in the oposite direction to that in which you are looking (and from there into a ditch or on-coming car!).  Also, it is harder work / less efficient up hills than a standard upright bike, but only a little yet more effecient on the flat.  If it works out wholly like a tandem this will mean being able to add 10% distance to the day in the same time / for the same energy input.  Other observations :

  • All the car drivers give me and extra wide berth [ I like this 🙂 ]
  • Rear view mirror means you can take a quick glance to re-assure yourself that you are not able to be turned into cyclist pizza by the 4×4 roaring up behind you.
  • Turns a few heads – not unlike a tandem
  • The suspension on my Scorpion makes up almost wholly for the shortcomings of local authority road-mending policy (and that is a tall order here in Lancashire)

About westonfront

Random thoughts on life and the world from the perpective of a God-fearing, outdoor-loving, technically minded, drum-thumping neo-Lancastrian.
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