Well said Father Keith…

I’ve only just come across Cardinal Keith O’Brians comments on same sex marriages – BBC News.  It is good to see the church standing up for what it morally right in our society.  His is a well reasoned argument, free of prejudice – that the ‘reason’ why the Government want to make this change has nothing to do with rights.  What ever their motivation is, I’d suggest it is not a good one.  Jesus said the church was to be ‘Salt and Light’ and it’s good to see that despite the failings that the church has had, and I have had too, in the past that we are starting to regain our saltiness again.  Salt serves as a preservative, something to stop (or at least slow down) decay – in this case moral decay.  Marriage and the family unit, one man, one women and childern is the very building block, defined by God for our society.  It’s definition and role need to be preserved.  If The Living God thought it important, then so should we…

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