Five day walk in the Lake District

On the way up The Knott

One mile for each year of the Queens reign, well almost.  I will post some more pictures, but here is a starter to give you a flavour of what a great walk this was.  A circular route between different B&B’s and the culmination of a plan hatched some, ahem, 19 years ago after I finished the Coast to Coast – THIS was even better!

3 thoughts on “Five day walk in the Lake District

  1. Beautiful picture, beautiful day. Hope the other days’ weather was acceptable.
    What do you use for pano stitching? There are very slight errors.

  2. Just a quick stitch – I have not looked closely at it for errors. I use very basic software which is ex. Canon and came with the camera. Do you have a Mac friendly suggestion?

    • I recommend the awesome Autostitch on Windows machines but the webpage says there are some commercial products for Mac that use it. Interesting that the algorithm’s creator is now at Bath Uni.

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