UK Eurovision Strategy – now I get it!

After reading about Spain’s Eurovision contender – BBC News – the reason we have chosen Humperdinck becomes clear. It’s a race for the bottom – no one can afford to win, so we need to do our best not to.  It will be just our luck that the UK will find itself as poor at losing (when we are trying to) as at winning.

So what can we do – all vote for the nation we want most to be kicked out of the Euro?!?


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Random thoughts on life and the world from the perpective of a God-fearing, outdoor-loving, technically minded, drum-thumping neo-Lancastrian.
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2 Responses to UK Eurovision Strategy – now I get it!

  1. westonfront says:

    That Ireland have entered Jedwood surely only strengthens my argument!!!

  2. Tony says:

    We (the UK) seem to have been more successful than Spain in our race for the bottom strategy. Only Norway beat us. Maybe if we started trying to come last we’d get a few votes.

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